Who are we?

What is HealthEachOther?

HealthEachOther is a network of health resources that empowers local communities to improve health by helping each other. The site was inspired by a PATIENTS FIRST approach to health. Patients, healthcare providers, and others can ask questions, share experiences and provide information to support each other within online support groups and improve personal health and wellbeing.

Why is HealthEachOther unique?

HealthEachOther is your health LOCALLY. It really does takes a village. We are creating community empowered health, home grown in your local city. By narrowing each health community to a local geography, HealthEachOther is able to provide targeted information from people who understand the health resources where you live and have a deeper appreciation of your region to support you better. HealthEachOther provides a platform to connect to others with similar conditions in your area, hear experiences from healthcare providers and organizations, ask questions to the entire local community, and join groups in your region that are specific to your medical conditions or interests.

How does HealthEachOther work?

Share experiences with or ask any health questions to your local community. Ask who’s the best doctor to treat your diabetes, or the best alternative health provider. Send a picture of a rash to get ideas of what it is from the community. Send your symptoms to see if anyone else has experienced similar problems to help diagnose your condition. Share an experience that can help the rest of your community. The possibilities are endless. The different categories help organize the different posts and everything is searchable within the website. Groups allow even smaller local communities that share similar medical conditions or interests.