Help each other with respect

Community Guidelines

Our mission is to provide a reliable platform where the community can come together to help each other access the best health resources and improve health.

Community members should feel respected in online support groups. Differences in opinion are welcome and members should feel safe to ask questions and share their experiences within our online support groups.

If you notice any content that violates these guidelines or any other abuse of the site, we rely on community members to report this to HealthEachOther. Violating community guidelines could result in removal of content or even a permanent ban from HealthEachOther.


Provide helpful answers and stories 

Your local experiences, questions, and answers make HealthEachOther a vibrant local health community. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can and share as many stories as you can to build up our database with local information and health resources that will benefit your community.


Provide support

HealthEachOther is a platform to help each other. We encourage support for improved health, medical conditions, and online support groups that can help each other achieve increased wellness.


Don’t use HealthEachOther to complain or campaign

HealthEachOther is a platform to give positive information that can benefit people in your area. It is not a platform for complaining, campaigning, or discussing controversial issues that can rub community members the wrong way. Please provide information that you feel can benefit community members rather than be a soapbox for your cause.


Promote local businesses and practices appropriately

HealthEachOther supports local businesses and practices. We encourage sharing that can help improve other’s health. If you are an organization, posts are not a place to advertise your product. We encourage participation by adding experiences and answering questions. If you would like to advertise, please go to the advertising page to sign up.


Anonymous identity does not give the right to rant

The alias function is meant to allow you the privacy to encourage you to post information without others knowing. Remember that your posts are meant to help others in your community. Just because others do not know your identity does not mean you can post negative or defamatory information.


Write posts as if your kids might read them

Enough said. Keep it clean and helpful.


Keep your posts legal

Your posts should maintain safe practices. They should not threaten others, violate privacy, or use profanity.

For healthcare providers and healthcare organizations, please adhere to HIPAA privacy laws and do not mention any patient identifying information in your posts. We encourage you to share success stories and any helpful information that can benefit other community members.